Jacobstone Last Know Official Bio

Jacobstone’s emotive presence, as well as the timeless and gripping music they
create, has led critics and fans to declare that they are positioned to be at
the forefront of this decade’s most influential music. Although Jacobstone’s
memorable and melodic songs stand on their own, they expand upon their
musicality by working closely with cinematographers to create moving live shows
and by writing soundtracks for art installations touring in Europe and the
States. Although the band has existed in different forms since 1996, in the
summer of 2000 Tony Olla (24) and Jesse Gyldenvand (25) joined AJ Fink (23),
Chris Johnson (25), and Dan Spransy (25) astonishing audiences with their
distinctive sound and passion. Discography includes Glass Top Ships (1999),
Chambers and Volumes (2001), In a Field of Poppies (2002), and the current
album, Regions (2002). The last three years have found the band consistently
playing the Midwest region gaining a larger and larger fan base as time goes on.
Their shows are more of an experience than entertainment, and the fans are
always left wanting more. Selling over 8,500 albums since their debut, having a
song featured on Dawson’s Creek, making the “A” list on demodiaries.com for best
songs of the last five years, having two songs in the top 20 on garageband.com
(#3 and #11), getting 5 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Awards) nominations and
performing in the Jenny Jones show are proof that the word is spreading about
Jacobstone. Critics are raving about the latest CD “Regions” and Jacobstone’s live show.

Fun Facts:

~ Another member in the early years was Anja Spransy, Dan's sister.
~ Their father Matt Spransy wore many hats, producer, mixer, recorder etc.
~ Matt was a member of the extremely popular Christian band Servant in the 1980's.
~ According to Matt, Jacobstone had signed to Columbia Records just before they fell apart.
~ Before Anja joined, the band was called Vintage, which consisted of AJ, Dan and Chris.
~ The Dawson Creek episode that Prince Of The City appeared on was #612 All The Right Moves, air date Wednsday January 22, 2003
~ Jenny Jones episode they played on was I'm a Player, I'm the Bomb and I Learned It From My Mom
~ Dan Spransy's wife Beth (ne Reimer) was the violin player and a singer for Ticklepenny Corner.