Santa and Mrs. Claus

Believe it or not, we know Santa & Mrs. Claus! If you need Santa and /or Mrs. Claus at a Christmas function we can contact them to see if they would be available. Also, both David and Shirley are certified Santa helpers, having graduated from the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School.
Santa's visits can include singing, fun gifts for the young at heart, present distribution or most any need you would have. Mrs. Claus and her elf Nermal would be available for holiday shows with magic and balloons.

The following are comments regarding visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus:

~Moran Family - We enjoyed the extra details on your costume. My daughter was convinced you were the real thing. You were very interactive. I liked how you got the whole family involved. We believe…

~Anne Leifker Hillcrest Homes - The whole experience was wonderful for our kids! I really appreciated the steps you took to assure that Santa's arrival would be so special! You really went above and beyond to make Santa's visit the highlight of our kid's party! Thanks for making our party a success!! I've got your card on file for next years party!

~Gretchen Loch - I just wanted you to know that we are always extremely pleased and will continue this tradition. The children were delighted and the adults called the next day to make sure they told me how impressed they were as well! We couldn't be happier. Thank you again for making our Holiday even more memorable!

~ Kelly Redard - You were the best, kids in the neighborhood were in our driveway looking in our windows! Thank you so very much!

~ Les Heckman - The songs and Rudolph noses are a great idea. The neighborhood kids are still wondering how Santa knew so much about them. Feel free to use me as a reference - will call you for next year! Very professional!

~ Georgia Kaftan - I thought you were excellent. My grandkids and their parents loved it. Thank you!

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